DSAM Day 22: Hemming Pants

I saw a meme the other day that said,

“Hell yes I am short! God stops when his creation is perfect and I just didn’t take as long!”

I read somewhere that the average height for men with Down syndrome is 5’1 and for women is 4’9!  So what does this mean to me right now?

I am hemming pants!

LOL! Lily is now wearing 24 month pants (well at least her waist and hips are!) The trouble is, her little legs are shorter than the average 24 month old! So this mama is dusting off her sewing machine and learning the art of the hem line!

The biggest drawback here is I have to be careful not to buy pants with decorative hems on the pant legs because I don’t know how to hem those yet!

All of that aside, I am so happy she is growing healthy and strong!



2 thoughts on “DSAM Day 22: Hemming Pants

  1. wow that must be alot of work good thing you are able to do it cause ID BE LOST!!!! Ryder and Toryn have the opisite problem the waist is to big in the legnth pants that fits it can make for stressful cloths shopping

  2. Go you! I just keep folding up the pant legs (can you say “lazy?” lol). I then unroll them to keep his feet warm if Spencer is bare-footed. I found one pair of pants in my stash that actually had a little strap from the inside and button on the outside, specifically for cuffing the pants shorter! I love them!

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