Fish are friends, not food!

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Okay so maybe some fish are food- especially in stick form 🙂

Since Lily was 4months old, I have been taking her to the Aquarium. She was fascinated with all the lights and the glow of the water in the tanks. Down syndrome affects the overall ‘tone’ of the body and people with Down syndrome have ‘low tone’. This doesn’t mean they are not strong or have muscles, just that the tone of those muscles is low which makes some of their muscular responses react slower.

For Lily, when transitioning from a light to dark environment, her pupils would get huge. This is something that happens to every child, but Lily’s pupils would linger a little longer than the norm. This made her look like a child in absolute wonder of the world. I would stop and just stare into her eyes, hoping to catch a little childhood wonderment myself.

Now, at almost two years old, she still adores the Aquarium and points to the fish and pets the turtles and peers deep into the glass with her baby blues to see the wonders of the ocean.