No one wants their child to endure any kind of pain. However, some pain is good and keeps us safe from further harm. I have read that people with Down syndrome have a higher pain tolerance. I believe that Lily does have a high pain tolerance and it does not always serve her well.

Lily had trouble feeling the ‘pains’ of being full and therefore would easily overeat until she threw up. Since she has been eating solid food, we very carefully measure out her food to ensure she gets enough calories but not too many at once.

Most babies will cry out when uncomfortable or they need something (Oz has mastered this concept!) but Lily never did. Dirty diapers, hunger, even her reflux weren’t cause for her to scream out. Now that her journey has taken her into the ‘terrible twos’ she hollers at me several times a day about various things. Lol.

Blood draws and vaccinations will illicit a small cry easily resolved with a hug from mama. But bumping her head will lead to inconsolable crying lasting for 10+ minutes-

We shall keep a careful watch as she gets more and more independent to ensure she is safe and responds appropriately to pain sensations. What can I say? Lily is a tough chick!


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